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Backup & Data Protection

Business data is the key resource for any company because the smooth functioning of operational and business processes relies on data. Therefore, even a partial loss of data can have serious consequences for the business. Besides being a potentially dangerous and costly breach of regulations like GDPR concerning data management.

Computer Assistance is capable of assisting clients in the design and implementation of a customized backup and data protection architecture: a robust and reliable system to safeguard critical company information.


1. Computer Assistance's experts first undertake a thorough assessment of the company's requirements and needs: which data needs protection, what are the required recovery timeframes, and what IT resources are available for data protection.

2. Based on this information, primary design objectives can be defined: what to protect, how, using which tools and devices (such as disk backup, tape backup, cloud backup, data replication to remote sites). Concurrently, a precise Recovery Plan is defined in collaboration with the company's IT, outlining the steps for data recovery.

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3. All of this is achieved with scalable backup architectures that can handle the growth of company data over time, necessitating the ability to quickly expand storage capacity and improve performance in workload management.

4. Data must not only be protected from unforeseen losses due to hostile hacker attacks or simple human errors, but they must also be guarded against improper access and fortified against threats like ransomware. For this reason, Computer Assistance also designs and implements data protection solutions that include data encryption in transit and stored on storage systems, version control, access control to information, and Data Loss Prevention measures.

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