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Threat Intelligence (Investigative Cyber Monitoring)

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Threat Intelligence (Investigative Cyber Monitoring)

Defense against cyber threats involves reactive components (for defense against ongoing attacks), preventive components (for comprehensive security of the corporate IT infrastructure), and proactive components (for continuous monitoring of potential new threats and potential damages from undetected attacks).

For a company, it is crucial to actively operate on all these fronts to maximize the protection of its attack surface.

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The proactive component of cybersecurity is undoubtedly the one that requires the most significant expertise and resources. It involves complex activities, often referred to as Threat Intelligence, which aim to identify advanced cyber threats capable of circumventing existing defensive measures.

Computer Assistance offers a wide range of Threat Intelligence and proactive network monitoring services to highlight evidence of potential network breaches and data exfiltration for clients.

Threat Intelligence
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In this regard, the main activities conducted by Computer Assistance include:

  • Initial security assessment for a preventive evaluation of the client company's security posture
  • Identification of critical assets to determine the most important resources (devices, accounts, data, etc.) to secure
  • Vulnerability assessment for continuous identification and resolution of vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure
  • Botnet identification to detect if the client's devices are involved in massive attack activities via botnets
  • Web and the Dark Web to verify if the client company's data, documents, or credentials have been exfiltrated and are being sold or circulated
  • VIP Protection to identify any threats or data leaks concerning top corporate figures (CEO, executives, C‐Level)
  • Brand Protection to detect all online activities that could jeopardize the security and reputation of the client (dummy sites or apps, phishing campaigns, unofficial social network accounts...)

To deliver and support these services, Computer Assistance relies on its network of experts, including security analysts, Governance/Risk/Compliance Architects, Security Architects, Ethical Hackers, and personnel with direct experience in Security Operations Center activities.

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