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IT Infrastructure Transfer Service

Companies that, for any reason, need to relocate their IT systems (servers, storage, networking equipment) either entirely or partially to a new technical facility face a non-trivial task.

The equipment must be disconnected from network and power infrastructures by qualified personnel, carefully packaged, transported to the new location, and reconnected according to the original configuration.

For precisely such scenarios, Computer Assistance offers an IT Infrastructure Transfer service that can be activated starting from basic configurations, such as a single rack, up to the transfer of an entire complex Data Center.

Trasferimento infrastruttura it

The IT Infrastructure Transfer service begins with an initial site visit to the current technical location to verify the number and nature of the equipment to be relocated and to map their connections.

After systems are deactivated and their data is secured, the equipment is disassembled, carefully packaged for transportation, and Computer Assistance also manages the provision of suitable packaging materials, followed by the retrieval and disposal of used packaging materials.

The equipment is transported to the destination, unpacked, reassembled, and reconnected according to the initial mapping. In more detail, the IT Infrastructure Transfer service includes: rack equipment assembly, cabling of all devices, and testing the power-on of the equipment

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