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Cybersecurity Service

Today more than ever, cybersecurity is a fundamental component in the design and management of any IT infrastructure. No company is immune to the risk of a potentially harmful attack that could impact its operations and the security of the information it holds. Particularly with regard to the latter aspect, cybersecurity must now be an integral part of corporate initiatives for compliance and overall risk management.

Computer Assistance positions itself as a specialized partner for enterprise cybersecurity. It accompanies businesses in the initial phase of assessing their current needs, provides the necessary solutions, guides them through implementation, and supports them in the daily management of key aspects of defense against cyber threats.

First and foremost, Computer Assistance offers a Security Checkup service designed to provide an updated and detailed snapshot of the cybersecurity posture of the customer company. The service comprises four successive phases.

Data Collection

Data Collection - After taking inventory of the hardware and software components present on the corporate network, Computer Assistance experts evaluate the security status of individual systems and estimate the perceived risk level for the entire infrastructure.

Analysis and Check - Collected data are analyzed in detail to determine the objective risk level for the client company. Accordingly, the most urgent and important areas for intervention are identified.

Analisi dati

Proposal and Protection - For the identified intervention areas, Computer Assistance presents a series of technical proposals for securing the network and corporate data, indicating various priority levels. 

Specifically, Computer Assistance is capable of implementing solutions such as:

  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention) to prevent data exfiltration or loss
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) for defense against major attack vectors
  • Cloud-based Antispam
  • Backup and Business Continuity (also in AS/400 - iSeries environments)

Check and Prevention - Securing systems is an ongoing and cyclical process. After the described operations, which represent the initial essential "fortification" for corporate cybersecurity, Computer Assistance provides services for periodic analysis of the corporate risk level, system functionality check-ups, and proactive system monitoring. 

In addition to these services, Computer Assistance offers the new CIT (Cyber Threat Intelligence) service, which involves Digital Monitoring of client resources on the open web, especially on the dark and deep web where threats originate in the form of data leaks and data breaches that enable potential attackers to exploit stolen information.

Proposal and Protection
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