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Assistance Hardware

Assistance Hardware

Computer Assistance plays this role, offering the resources, experience, and skills gained through years of activity and collaboration with partners of all sizes and across every market sector. 

Computer Assistance can perform the service on behalf of the partner who has the relationship with the client transparently: the end customer remains the partner's.

Additionally, Computer Assistance can provide consultative support in the design and implementation of IT and network infrastructures if the partner lacks the expertise.

Assistance Hardware

Not always a single technology provider, no matter how close to the customers and rooted in the local territory, is able to provide continuous support and assistance across all the areas that IT technologies require. In particular, organizations that specialize in software components or the supply of IT products or specialized solutions can rely on equally specialized and complementary partners for hardware assistance.

Computer Assistance offers multi-brand assistance and repair services in the areas of servers (IBM Power systems and x86 servers from major brands), storage, networking, and cybersecurity. These multi-brand assistance and repair services can be incorporated into hardware maintenance contracts with customizable SLAs, including 24/7 continuous coverage and guaranteed repairs within 4 hours, along with additional services such as help desk and second-level support.

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