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The Help Desk service offered by Computer Assistance can be tailored according to the needs of the user group and the requesting company.

The service can be fully outsourced, where calls are directed to our facility, or in collaboration with the client's IT department, activating customized call opening pathways.

The client's IT department can choose requests to open, assign a priority level, or delegate requests related to a business unit or specific types of issues. 

The second level of support can be provided by the client or our department, managing escalations either to third-party vendors (hardware or application solutions) or to specialized personnel within Computer Assistance's technical department.

For companies seeking to ensure operational continuity and assistance for their employees regarding the main issues that may arise in the daily use of IT devices (PCs, peripherals, network devices...), Computer Assistance offers a dedicated Help Desk service.

The service is provided by a team of technicians who handle requests from their reception in the ticketing system during regular working hours (although it's possible to define more stringent SLAs with specific contracts in all subsequent stages). This includes assignment to the most qualified available technician, escalation to higher levels, and resolution through remote or onsite intervention if necessary.

The service can include an optional onsite presence for customizable durations (1 day or more per week) to manage less urgent requests.

The primary support activities offered through the Help Desk service include:

  • Hardware restoration of devices
  • User profile configuration
  • Operating system management (Microsoft Windows environments)
  • Email account management and access
  • Network share and shared folder management
  • System resource verification and hardware adjustments
  • Installation and support for standard applications (such as Microsoft Office or anti-malware)
  • Troubleshooting for hardware problems, network access, and system authentication
  • Troubleshooting for malfunctioning network devices (printers, scanners...)
it help desk

Furthermore, in case the encountered issue relates to the software component of the PC fleet, the Help Desk service also covers:

  • Operating system reset and reconfiguration
  • Installation of specific applications (if the relevant management tool is available)
  • Malware removal with operational restoration
  • User reconfiguration
  • Microsoft Windows updates management
  • Corporate ticketing system management
  • Manual client park rollout with updates
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