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IT Infrastructure Management and Updgrade

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IT Infrastructure Management and Updgrade

IT technologies are evolving rapidly, and along with them come new products and solutions that can enhance the efficiency of already existing IT infrastructures. However, these infrastructures, in parallel, can be maintained in optimal condition only through careful and prepared IT management services.

Thanks to the experiences gained in its operations and its highly qualified technical staff, Computer Assistance can define and execute targeted projects to modernize IT infrastructures and offer specific services and options to manage and optimize new architectures over time. Furthermore, Computer Assistance can assist its clients in optimizing and managing existing IT environments.

Throughout this process, Computer Assistance's technicians always begin with a thorough analysis of the existing infrastructure. They identify, based on the needs expressed by the client company, where to intervene with update and optimization operations to maximize benefits. This analysis phase allows for a detailed outline of a potential technological migration, system update, and/or modernization project.

Specifically, in this area, Computer Assistance offers services for:

  • Existing infrastructure analysis
  • Identification of possible areas of intervention
  • Definition of specific proposals for replacement/enhancement of existing systems
  • Implementation and configuration of new products and architectures
  • Security implementation for infrastructure and data
  • System rollout and optimization

The services for managing and modernizing IT infrastructures can be complemented by system management services, including System Monitoring and User Help Desk, always offered by Computer Assistance.

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