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No company today can afford to be without an infrastructure of one or more servers that, at the heart of the network, support crucial functions and processes for daily operations as well as overall business.

In fact, the vast majority of businesses now entrust their servers with tasks of particular significance, such as:

  • User and access management to company resources
  • Use of management solutions to govern characteristic business processes.
  • Document sharing and management
  • Print server
  • Management of applications and business processe
  • Backup and data security
  • Network management and cybersecurity
  • IP telephony and IP PBX   
  • Support for internal and external communications (email, messaging...)
  • Support for collaboration platforms (Teams, video conferences...)
  • Management of websites and intranets

For this reason, enterprise servers are among the most critical resources of a company. It's therefore essential that their functionality and proper operation are always guaranteed through high-level technical assistance that can respond quickly and accurately.

Computer Assistance provides a server support service that encompasses all these characteristics. It gives its clients the assurance of consistently having an efficient and well-maintained network structure, and that any issues with the operation of enterprise servers will be resolved promptly.

Computer Assistance boasts a network of specialized technicians across all regions of Italy. Thanks to this network, it can reach the client's location within a few hours and, with qualified technical support, quickly restore normal workflow. The presence of multiple owned warehouses throughout the territory further assures clients that they always have the necessary spare parts to fix any hardware malfunction.

The ability to rely on remote support of System engineers allows a complete operational restoration under FULL COVERAGE contracts

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