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Wireless Nets

Within the networking infrastructure, wireless local area networks (LANs) are a practical solution to provide coverage for services with NON-fixed devices.

The primary practical advantage of wireless networks lies in eliminating the need to install conduits and cables to reach individual workstations, while leaving physical cabling to serve as a high-speed backbone, interconnection, and connection for fixed points. The bandwidth provided by modern WiFi solutions is indeed sufficient, even under conditions of high-density connected access points, for major office and factory applications.


However, the proper functioning of a corporate WiFi network depends on a careful phase of study and sizing, as well as the correct choice of devices (peripheral switches, access points, controllers, potential repeaters...) and their optimal placement. In this context, Computer Assistance offers various services, thanks to the skills and certifications of its technical personnel.

The services offered include, among others:

  • Site Survey: Check of the existing situation, investigation of the client's needs, determination of the required number of access points, physical location of devices.
  • Preliminary Design: Selection of device types, systems, services and enhancement of the project.
  • Final Design and Implementation: Supply of components and network implementation, documentation, compliance certifications.
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Thanks to partnerships with leading network equipment brands, Computer Assistance provides its clients with a wide range of supply solutions, respecting the predetermined budget.

Moreover, to minimize the impact on the operationality of the client company, all analysis, design, and implementation operations carried out by Computer Assistance can also be conducted outside the company's working hours.

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