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Computer Assistance's expertise and experience simplify any technological upgrade process for user companies, enabling them to realise their IT upgrade goals more quickly and with greater confidence.

The new technologies of digitization and the new solutions proposed by the leading vendors in the IT world allow companies to enhance their internal processes, from accounting to industrial production, improving efficiency and facilitating management. All of this is achieved with an increasingly high level of cybersecurity.

However, selecting, implementing, and deploying new technologies and IT solutions is not a straightforward process. For many companies, it is overly complex to tackle on their own, diverting resources and attention from their core business. It's better to rely on an experienced and qualified partner like Computer Assistance.

In particular, Computer Assistance can play the role of a consultative and technical partner in certain specific areas of particular interest to businesses:

Technological Refresh and Infrastructure Update

Computer Assistance supports the client from the initial stages of analysis and design of their IT modernization, helping them identify the most suitable solutions and services for their needs and appropriately sizing them based on workloads. It can also handle the implementation of new systems, their deployment, and subsequent management and maintenance. Supply of Hardware and Software Components

Supply of Hardware and Software Components

Computer Assistance has developed strong relationships with major technology providers in the IT world, both in hardware and software. Depending on the client's specific needs, it can directly provide the required solutions and subsequently manage them—thanks also to the certifications of its technical staff.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Computer Assistance can deploy various cybersecurity services that contribute to securing the client's IT infrastructure and the data it manages. Data Loss Prevention, anti-malware defense, Threat Intelligence, and compliance checks are just a few of the services available.

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